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How Funded Crypto Trading Makes You a Better Trader

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“How does funded crypto trading make you a better trader?” you wonder. Aside from being a great opportunity to grow your capital it also teaches you some fundamental trading skills to be a better crypto trader. Let’s dive in!

Funded crypto trading teaches you proper risk management

It’s no secret that a funded crypto trading program has its challenges. For one, you have to pass a challenge before enjoying the risk-free trading you get from trading someone else’s money.

Then, in order to continue having access to this you need to avoid hitting the drawdown. Risk management is key here! When you are trading with your own account you can ( and a lot of traders will ) blow all of your money.

In a funded crypto trading program you can’t. You only have a limited amount of risk to play with. To make the most out of it, your risk management will need to be on point.

It makes you treat crypto trading as a business

The benefit of treating trading as a business is that you will take it seriously. Very often crypto traders will ignore things like keeping a trading journal or making a trading plan.

However, when you are part of a funded crypto trading program you will soon realise you actually need these things.

How will you make sure you’re on the right track if you don’t know which mistakes you have been making?
How can you ensure you’re not taking silly trades if you don’t have a plan to stick to?

Those are just a few examples of things most crypto traders ignore. Our crypto traders have admitted that since joining the funded crypto trader program they have been paying a lot more attention to their data and have in turn managed to grow their personal trading accounts as well!

Funded crypto trading makes you a better trader by motivating you to be consistently profitable

The biggest benefit of funded crypto trading is the capital you get access to capital. The profits you make are yours ( minus the profit split of course ). A lot of traders simply do not have access to this sort of capital! In fact, one of our traders already took out $100k of profit! Don’t believe us? Go check out our interview with him!

The simple promise of this much profit will make you really want to put in the work to be profitable. You could argue everyone wants to be profitable when trading and you would be correct.

But a lot of the time they won’t put in the hard work that is needed to actually be profitable. When these crypto traders make mistakes they will be quick to blame the market or some sort of event.

With the funded crypto trading program, traders are more likely to invest time in getting better and thus being more consistently profitable since they do not want to lose access to the capital. Instead of blaming everything and everyone else, they will want to focus on their own skills and improve them so they can be in control of their profitability as much as possible.

All of this makes you more disciplined

All of the above points contribute to making you a more disciplined trader. A disciplined trader is a better trader. Therefore, funded crypto trading makes you a better trader!

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