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Funded Crypto Trader turns $25,000 into $134,477 in just a few days!

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This funded crypto trader received his $80,000 payout after only trading with us for 8 days! Luckily for you, he agreed to do an interview with Lady of Crypto to let you in on his strategy and what he plans to do with his winnings.

His plans with the winnings? Investing it into stocks so he can grow it even more! 

But, part of it he’ll be using for travel, upgrading some of his trading equipment, and even paying some bills. Not only that, but he also plans to donate some of it to charity!

His Trading Strategy

As Lady of Crypto put it “Let’s talk about your strategy as I’m sure that’s what everyone wants to know”. 

His strategy? Focussing on what BTC and ETH are doing since he feels altcoins follow what they do. He plays the ranges, uses support and resistance, and in general, this funded crypto trader keeps it simple. He shows that you do not need many fancy indicators to be a profitable trader.

In the video, he goes a bit more in-depth so make sure you watch that if you want to know more!

Our Funded Crypto Trader’s Trading tips and tricks

  1. Look at your own past trades and evaluate them
  2. Pre-define your trades and stick to them, don’t change things all the time
  3. Have fun! If you become too stressed, you will make more mistakes!

What would he say to people who are thinking of joining?

“It’s a great opportunity!” he says, “but you need to have some trading skills before you start.” The system already has some risk management by having low leverage and drawdown limits. He understands that some people don’t like this but he thinks it’s great and actually makes you a better trader!

Payment proof

In the image below you can see Crypto Analyst post a screenshot of him receiving his payouts. If you’d like to know more you can join our discord!

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